Gates and Access

When we are, and the landlord is not on site. Out of his hours of business

The gates are required to be closed at all times with the padlocks locked to the gates. When the last person leaves the site it is their responsibility to ensure the gates are locked. They cannot be locked without a key, therefore the last person out will be a key holder.

When you drive to the flying area

You may drive to the crossing point to load or unload your car. You may not drive on the grass at any time. You may park in the wider part of the lane between the gate to the private area and the entrance provided you are not blocking the lane for other users. You should drive to the top of the lane to turn round.

When the landlord is on site and we are as well. During his hours of business

The gates will be open. We will leave them open. If the landlord leaves the site to work he may choose to close but not lock the gates. If we leave the site while he is away we leave the gates as we found them. If the landlord leaves the site not to return follow the rules above.

When you drive to the flying area

You may pull into the crossing point to load or unload your car. You may not drive on the grass at any time. You must park in the area provided in the yard at the end of the lane. If when you park in the yard you are approached by the landlords dog it won't hurt you but please be friendly with him. Give or something to play with and he will be happy.

General notes

The porta cabin in the yard will available for us to use. There is a kettle, Fridge and TV which we can also use. Bring your own tea coffee milk etc. Note Alcohol and driving or flying do not mix. There is a toilet in the green shed next to the porta cabin which we can use in an emergency when it is open. Only in emergency though, as the floor of the shed is often strewn with tools and work.

Keys and key holders

Various members will hold keys. If you hold a key you will be aware of the key holder procedure. If you do not hold a key, you must ensure someone is on site to lock up after you or you must leave with the last key holder.

You may stay on site during the landlord’s hours of business if there is no key holder, but you must leave with the landlord if no key holder is present. You must not rely on a key holder turning up.

There will be a list of key holders available for emergency contact.


On occasion the Landlord will use chemical fertiliser on the grass. He will place signs to indicate that this has been done. The water trough tap will be able to be used to wash your hands. It is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly for two weeks after fertiliser has been used. If you do not know whether or not fertiliser has been used, it would be a good idea to thoroughly wash your hands after each flying session and certainly before eating at the field.

Watering the field

On occasion the field will be irrigated by pipe. There will be a hose laid across the lane. A ramp will be provided to drive over. Please use it to prevent damage to your vehicle and the hose.