Club Rules

  1. All members must belong to the BMFA and hold their insurance cover.
  2. The club uses the BMFA code of practice contained in the BMFA handbook and subsequent amendments as the flying field standard. Members are subject to any additional conditions of use that may be required by the owners or governing body of any land or premises used by the club and/or agreed by the committee as a condition of that use.
  3. Members are issued with a set of flying field conditions that form part of an addendum to the club constitution and rules. Members must read and observe the BMFA code and flying field rules. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken by the club committee.
  4. The safety of the club members, their guests and the general public is the responsibility of all club members. Members are empowered to comment on and correct anything they consider dangerous, including flying, ground handling, engine running and general behaviour. Use of this power and any dispute arising should be reported to a member of the committee.
  5. Any incident resulting in injury to third parties and /or their property must be reported to the committee and, if necessary, the BMFA
  6. Each club member will be allowed a total of six guest visits per year. The guest must hold B.M.F.A or other valid and suitable insurance cover. Any one guest will only be allowed three visits per year. Members who wish to host a guest must let a committee member know about their intentions in advance.
  7. All members must read the club constitution, rules and flying field conditions on joining the club. Payment of fees will be deemed as full acceptance of these and agreement to abide by them.
  8. All new members must hold at least a BMFA 'A' certificate of competence before they are allowed to fly un-supervised. Supervision will be carried out by members agreed by the committee. Before flying, all new members must have been assessed by a club examiner and advised of the club flying field rules and restrictions.
  9. Beginners may not fly un-supervised until they have passed the BMFA 'A' test or their supervisor, or the committee considers that they have achieved the required standard. Supervision will be carried out by members approved by the committee.
  10. Junior members may not fly at the field without an adult present. This applies irrespective of any flying qualification gained. The adult may be a member or non-member, and their agreement must be obtained if not a parent or legal guardian.
  11. Apart from powered fixed wing aircraft that are hand held/launched, all powered fixed wing aircraft must be attached to a mechanical restraint whenever their engines are being started or are running in the pits area. With helicopters it is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure the model is effectively restrained so as not to be a safety hazard when engines are started or are running in the pits area.
  12. Whenever flying is taking place the windsock must be placed in a position indicated on the sketch map of the field. It must be placed in a downwind position as shown on the map. When flying the pilots must stand close to the windsock position. The pits area should be positioned as shown on the map. If for any reason you cannot fly and maintain the layout or circuit pattern as shown on the map refrain from flying until it is possible.